We are thrilled to announce first close of our new investment vehicle, Mentors Fund II.
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Building a technology company for the African market? Pitch us, for a yes.

We will ask you to provide the following:
General information on yourself and the company
The company's performance metrics and terms of the fundraise
A copy of your pitch deck
Oui Capital Investment Evaluation Form
With all the necessary data items in-hand, we estimate that this form can be completed in 10 minutes. Upon completion of the form, you will have the option to record a video or audio pitch, to add another dimension to your company.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What are you looking for in a pitch?

We try to find “sparks” in four broad categories that suggest growth is just around the corner.

  • Team: How well suited is the team to build the solution? How comfortable is the team with dealing in the unknown?
  • Market: Is the market big enough for you to maneuver/ pivot and still have room to run?
  • Customer knowledge and tech: a strong understanding of the customer begets a strong value proposition and importantly the implementation of technology should drive efficiencies. The combination of the two make for a great product.
  • Customer enthusiasm: do customers come back for more and are they voting with their wallets?
What size cheques do you write?

We write initial cheques of up to $750,000.

What does your process look like?

A successful process end-to-end process would look like this:

New opportunity -> Qualification -> 1st Meeting -> Follow-Up -> Due Diligence -> 2nd Meeting -> Investment Committee -> Legal review -> Term Sheet issued.

We estimate the process seen through to completion would take roughly 5 weeks.